The Newsletter of the Old Newportonian Society - July 2014

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President 2013/2014                                      All correspondence to the Secretary                                                  

Martin Tomlinson [1964-69]                                  Mr.C.K.Huddlestone

                                                                        Newport Free Grammar School

Honorary Life Vice-Presidents                    Newport, Saffron Walden, Essex   CB11 3TR                                                 

Fred Thompson [1937-75]                           Telephone:  01799 540237      

Eric Este ISO   [1933-39]                              Fax:  01799 542189

Keith Huddlestone [1964-02]                       Email:                                    

Eric Gentry [44-50]



E Mail Addresses: This again is the first item in the newsletter in order to highlight the great importance of acquiring as many email addresses as possible for the reasons given below.

There are about 1000 members of the Society whose names and contact details are stored on the ON Society data base.  Although there are now email addresses for well over 65% of the membership it is reasonable to assume that a considerably higher proportion of members do have an email address.  Anyone who still receives the newsletter by post but who has an email address please send your email address to- and ask for it to be sent on to the ON Society secretary so it can be put on to the data base.  If you change your email address or postal address then please inform the secretary of the Society via the school postal address or email address given at the head of this newsletter. Second Class postage is now 52 pence for a single letter so it will greatly help the Society if we can send as many newsletters as possible by email. If we do not have your email address PLEASE do send it to the school. The committee are most grateful to all those members [well over 30] who sent in their email address after the request in the December 2013 newsletter.

It is very important to have a postal address as well as an email address in case the email address for some reason fails.


Change of Name of the School:  From 1st September 2014 the name of the school will change from “Newport Free Grammar School” to “Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport”.  The Head of the School, Gordon Farquhar sets out below the reasons why he and the Governors have decided that it is necessary for the school to change its name at this time.


I am aware many of you already know that the name of the school will change on 1st September 2014. It is very important to me that I explain to everyone connected with the school, especially the Old Newportonians the reasons behind this decision and put it into the context the school currently faces.


I will start with the general premise around this decision to change the school name.  It is my job to ensure that Newport once again becomes the best secondary school in the area, currently this is not the case because I feel that we have lost our way a little.  I am not prepared to let this continue; too many people have worked too hard over our 426 year history to allow this to remain the case.  Tradition has always been at the core of what we do at Newport but our tradition is not based on a name, it is based on a set of values and expectations which are actually at the core of Dame Joyce Frankland’s Will. I want people to ask the question “Who is Dame Joyce Frankland?” when they hear about our school.  Any time I have to answer that question I talk about our core values, what Dame Joyce Frankland stood for, how we now represent that and what our expectations are for every student who passes through the school.  In the current situation I have to explain that we are not a “Free” school, that we have not been a Grammar School for three decades and that if we are being totally accurate we have had Academy status since 2012 [this decision was made before I was appointed].  These factors are, quite simply, detracting from some of the magnificent work my staff and students are doing and add  more difficulties to a recruitment process which is already complicated.  Our students deserve teachers of the very highest quality and I will continue to do everything in my power to recruit them.


Newport as a village is equally at the heart of “Who we are”; it would therefore have been remiss to drop it from the name of the school.  Both the Governors and the Trustees were in complete agreement that “Newport” should therefore still feature in the new name.  You will know from reading Fred Thompson’s History of the School that it was in 1793 when the then Trustees decided to make a major change to Dame Joyce Frankland’s Will and allow students to learn “English Grammatically, Writing and Arithmetic” because  they recognised that the original curriculum no longer suited the needs of Newport students. There have been many other occasions when the Trustees made similar decisions, always with the best interests of the students and the “spirit of the Will” at the centre of any such decision. The most difficult role of the Trustees is to make these choices, for that reason I am exceptionally grateful that Keith Huddlestone, the long-time Secretary of the ON Society is one of the Trustees.  You will all know that Keith embodies everything we rely on from the Old Newportonians and always ensures your voice is heard.  I openly discussed all the reasons why the name of the school should change at one of the ON Society Committee meetings as I recognised how monumental a change this is. At this committee meeting there was a full and frank discussion about the change of name at the end of which the committee members fully supported the view that the school needs to change its name.  The meeting unanimously agreed that “Newport” and “Joyce Frankland” [the Foundress of the school] should be part of the new name.


There are three final points to which I should like to draw your attention; First the lack of the appellative “Dame” in the new name.  Anytime we discuss or refer to our Foundress her full title, Dame Joyce Frankland is always used.  I regularly refer to her in Assemblies and at whole Academy functions. The word “Dame” is not being used as it was felt that this would make the new name too long. My second point is to inform you of the universal feeling that it is essential “Newport” should be part of the new name.  The third point I wish to make concerns the number of times the school’s name has been changed during its 426 year history. Those of you who have visited the school over recent years will know that the whole school photographs from 1926 onwards which are displayed in the reception area show that in less than 100 years the name of the school has changed six times.  At no point does it read “the ffree grammer schole of Newport” which is the name set out originally by Dame Joyce Frankland.  This original name will be on all Academy signage and stationery from September 2014 in acknowledgement of our great history.


I will end this article by thanking all those of you who have contacted me about this issue both in support of and raising concerns about the new name.  I can assure you that the opinions of the Old Newportonians do matter to me and as always you are more than welcome to arrange a visit to the Academy if you so wish. 


Gordon Farquhar    Headteacher


Forthcoming Events 

1.  Saturday 4th October 2014: 18.00 Annual General Meeting at the School in room A4 [off the corridor opposite the main hall].  Please note that the AGM will start promptly at 18.00.    Agenda:- 1. Apologies;2. Minutes of last AGM [5-10-13]; 3.Matters Arising; 4.Treasurer’s Report

5. Secretary’s Report; 6. Election of Officers for 2013-14; 7.AOB; The President Designate for 2014-15 is John Dudley [1961-68]


2. Saturday 4th October 2014: 19.00 for 19.30:   Annual Dinner in the Main Hall at the School

For the past 5 years the cost per head has been held at £20 as it has been possible to absorb increasing costs during that time.  However, it is no longer possible to do this and so the cost this year will have to increase to £25.00 per head.   The menu is:- Prawn Cocktail, Roast Beef, Tart au Citron, Cheese Board, Coffee and Tea. Wives and partners are very welcome to attend.  As usual no tickets will be issued.  All money will be taken on the door on the night.  Therefore it is important that all those who complete the pro-forma on page 6 to say they will attend do actually turn up on the night so that the secretary can give accurate numbers to the caterer.  It is also important that no one turns up on the night without first informing the secretary of their intention to do so.  If  you wish to attend, and the committee hope that as many ONs as possible will do so, please complete the attached pro-forma [page 6]  and return it to the ON Society Secretary at the school as soon as possible but no later than Friday 26th September 2014.  In recent years round tables have been used and those of a particular year are put on the same table.


3. Sunday 22nd March 2015, 11.00am: Church Service to Commemorate Foundress Day: This service has now become an established part of the ON Society calendar.  It has always been strongly supported by members of the society, Newport PCC and those who attend St. Mary’s Church in Newport. The vicar of Newport, the Rev. Neil Mcleod is highly supportive of this service and very keen to get current members [staff and pupils] of the school involved.  Further details will be given in the December newsletter.


4. Saturday 25th April 2015:  Annual Football, Hockey and Cross Country Matches against the School:  The Football Match will start at 10.15am and the Cross Country Match at 11.00 am.  The women’s hockey match will start at 9.15am and the men’s hockey match at 10.30 am. 


5. Sunday 28th June 2015: 11.00am Annual Mixed Hockey Match v the School; 14.00pm the Annual Cricket match v the School:

As usual Di Reed will organise the ON Society hockey team.  If you would like to take part please make a note in your 2014 diary and let Di Reed know.  The cricket match will, as usual be a 40 over per side game with tea between the innings [about 16.30pm]. The date has been changed from the first Sunday in July to the last Sunday in June.  The reason for this change is that many members of the school 1st XI [Hockey and Cricket] in Years 11 and 13 go on holiday shortly after the public exams end which is usually in the last week of June.  This means that they are not available to play on the first Sunday in July. By changing the date of these two fixtures to the last Sunday in June it is hoped will ensure that most members of the school 1st XI Hockey and Cricket teams will be available to play.

Further information about the mixed hockey and cricket matches will be given in the December Newsletter.


Reports and Results


Friday 21st February 2014: Gathering of ONs at the Coach and Horses, Newport

Although this was a thoroughly enjoyable occasion only about 12 ONs turned up at some time during the evening in spite of the fact that a reminder about the event was sent out to all those ONs with an email address.  As numbers attending this event have been falling over the last three or four years [in the past there have been up to 30 ONs who have come] the committee have decided to change the day.

As yet no date for 2015 has been decided but it will not be in February, it will be later in the year. The date for next year will be given in the December newsletter. 


Sunday 23th February 2014: Church Service to Commemorate Foundress Day:  This was very well supported by ONs as well as the regular attenders at the10.00am morning service at St. Mary’s Church, Newport.  Kenneth Hall gave the address in which he extolled the Christian virtues of the Foundress, Dame Joyce Frankland.  There were several musical items performed beautifully by pupils at the school.  The vicar of St. Mary the Virgin, Newport the Rev. Neil McLeod  led the service.  At the end of the service the President presented a donation of £100 from the Society to the Church refurbishment fund.  Refreshments were provided after the service in the parish rooms [where the school was situated prior to 1878]. A number of former pupils travelled considerable distances to attend the service.  The Rev Neil McLeod is very supportive of this service and is very keen to involve as many pupils as possible from the school.


Saturday 10th May 2014:  ONs v School Matches

1. Annual Football Match 

This was an excellent game which the school won by three goals to two.  The winning goal was scored in the very last seconds of the game.  The match was played in an excellent spirit. The Head,Gordon Farquhar refereed the match.  The following played for the ON team including substitutes:-

 J.Noble [04-11]; S. Gurung [08-13]; H.Evans [04-11]; S.Baxter [05-12];

J.Stubbs [01-09]; J.Baxter [07-12]; A.Yeldham [04-11]; B.Baxter [05-12]; J.Culpin [04-11]

M.Kunnapich [05-08]; M.Abbott [04-11]; R.King [70-77]; R.Lambert [80-85];


2. Annual Cross-Country Match:

The school won this match by 84 points to 146 points.  The individual winner was again Andrew Mynott [1987-94] in a time of 19 minutes and 28 seconds which was an excellent time given the very slippy conditions underfoot.   Rick Reynolds must be thanked for all his efforts in organising the Cross Country Match. The school again awarded medals to the first runner home in each team, Andrew Mynott for the ONs and Chris Wood for the School. The following ran for the ON team;   A.Mynott [87-94]; G.Stowell [76-83]  L.Gamble [Staff]; C.Almond [Staff];  A.Day [69-76];  P.Allen [70-74]; R.Reynolds [93-11]; K.Barnard [64-71]; I.Hilder [71-76]; E.Hartle [08-13].  Emily Hartle won the “The Old Buggers Cup” as she was the only runner in the ON Team who had not won it before.  She is the first lady to win this cup but not the first lady to run for the ONs.


3. Annual Men’s Hockey Match

Although the ONs won this match by five goals to two it was a much closer game tan the score suggests.   The following played for the ON team :- R.Hollidge[96-03];G.Toynton[2005-12]; B. Philips-Diggon[06-13];J.Totty [95-02]; A.Smith[06-13]; G.Anderson[06-13]; T.Jeffries[04-11]; R.Hartle[06-13]; O.Anderson[school]; T.Cox[school].


4. Annual Woman’s Hockey Match 

This year the ONs had a strong team and easily won this match by six goals to two.  As usual the game was played in an excellent spirit. The following played for the ON team [including substitues]:-  S.Holmes [01-08]; M.Brooks [01-08]; R.Burton [03-10]; K.Pitfield[07-12]; R.Webster [06-11]; N.Cox [04-11]; N.Evans [93-2000];  K.Langridge [02-09]; E.Tew[07-12]; N.Chandler[05-12];E.Dann[08-13]; G.Toynton[05-12]; O.Potter[05-10]; C.Payne [08-13]; H.Sanford[08-13];


There were a lot of spectator s [Parents, ONs and Staff] who came to watch these matches. It was a highly successful morning which was thoroughly enjoyed by all who were present or took part.  After the matches refreshments were served in the Hockey Club house as usual.


6. Annual Cricket and Mixed Hockey Matches [13-7-14]]:

Unfortunately the cricket match had to be cancelled due to rain.  Almost two inches of rain fell at Newport during the week and this combined with a long and very heavy shower late on Sunday morning forced the match to be cancelled.

The mixed hockey match was played but half time had to be extended due to very heavy rain. The school won this match by 7 goals to 4.  The school came from two goals down and eventually won the game well.  However, the ONs missed two or three easy goals which had they taken would have made for a very close match.

The following played for the ONs Mixed Hockey Team [including substitutes]; G.Toynton [05-12]; C.Hollidge [98-05]; J.Totty [95-02]; B.Taplin [03-10]; N.Evans [93-2000];K.Langridge [02-09]; K.Pitfield [02-09]; N.Cox [04-11]; N.Chandler [05-12]; R.Hill [06-13]; G.Scott [85-08];

J.Culpin [05-12]; D.Bushnell [81-88]; L.Hogg[ 06-13];

The committee are most grateful to those parents who helped with the refreshments on both days of the sporting fixtures between the ONs and the school.  Thanks must also go to Di Reed for organising the Hockey Matches and especially to Lee Gamble, the Head of the PE and Games Department at the School for his tremendous help, cooperation and support for all the ONs v School sporting fixtures.

As the School has won three of the five matches against the school this year [Football, Mixed Hockey and Cross Country] they have won the Burgess Cup. 


New Members

Simon Price-Whittle [President 2012-13] gave his usual excellent presentation to the Upper Sixth in May and this provoked a great deal of interest in the Society. Since the last newsletter the following have joined the Society:  Emily Hartle [08-13]; Matt Abbott [01-08]; Jack Culpin [05-12]; Robert Hartle [06-13]; Matthew Williams; Tom Culpin; Danny Buckley; Georgia Arundell; Claire Wyatt;

Daniel Holmes; Ellen Smith; Max Clayden [all 07-14]; Harry Robinson [07-13]



O.N.Society 100 Club

The 100-Club has again enjoyed another highly successful year with 217 tickets being sold. This is a little below the record number sold last year, nevertheless it is hugely gratifying that so many ONs support the Society and therefore the school in this way. The committee are most grateful to all those members of the society who have contributed to the 100-Club and sincerely thank everyone for their continued magnificent support.  As 217 tickets have been sold it is possible to have three prizes for each of 10 months this year and six prizes in both March and October.  Over £1000 has been raised from the proceeds of the 100-Club to support the School and help run the Society. The funds accrued by the 100-Club have enabled the Society this year to purchase two large glass-fronted display cabinets in which to house many important society archives.  These cabinets have been placed in the Memorial Library.  They will be kept locked but the librarian has a key which is always available on request should anyone wish to consult any of the archives.  Currently these archives are kept in a room at the top of the administration block [what used to be the Head’s house] and so not readily available. They will now be clearly on display and much more easily accessible.





100 Club Winners since the last Newsletter


Date Prize  No.     Name      Amount [£]             

Nov    1       18  D.Beatton       25     

13       2       19  C.French        20

           3       14   J.Bull            15 

Dec     1      78  P.Gallimore    25

13       2     214  R.Bedford      20

           3       16  P.Newman     15

Jan      1     200  A.Fisher        25

14       2       11  K.Hall            20

           3       91 C.Bowditch     15 

Feb     1     124 A.Richardson  25

14       2      202 T.Gilder         20

           3        10 D.Chamber    15 

Mar    1        98  J.Dodd          120

14       2      119  P.Milledge     80

           3          3  D.Reed          60

           4      179  J.A.Goerge    50

           5        78  P.Gallimore   40

           6         19  C.French       30

Apr     1        187  D.Monk       25

14       2          67 D.Braham     20

           3          51 R.Wombell   15

May    1          45 J.Schoop       25

14       2        122 E.Holland     20

           3          93 J.Purser         15

June    1         72 C.Bowditch   25

 14      2        196 D.Godfrey    20

           3          18 D.Beatton     15                      




The following deaths have been reported to the secretary since the last newsletter:-

D. M. Dick [1943-51]; J. Bull [1944-50]; T. Hardy [1943-49]; K.Sinclair [1945-52]; D.Mansfield [58-63]

David Dick entered the school in 1943 from Dunmow.  He took his school certificate in 1948 and A Levels in 1951.  He was a member of the ATC and very much involved in the school drama productions.  He died in January 2013.

John Bull came to Newport in 1944 form the St. John’s College Choir School in Cambridge. He took his school certificate in 1948 and in 1950 went to the Agricultural College at Writtle.  He farmed for many years at Kedington in Suffolk.  He played for the school 1st XI Football team and was a member of the ATC.  He was President of the Society in 1985/86.  He died on 4th January 2014.  His funeral was held at Babraham  [near Sawston] and was attended by many ONs who were at school with him.

Terence [Terry] Hardy entered form 2 in 1943 from Broxbourne.  He served for 18 years in the regular army achieving the rank of Major.  He had many postings abroad [Malaya, Singapore, Thailand, Borneo, Aden and the Gilbert and Ellis Islands] with the 22 SAS Regiment. On leaving the army he worked in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London. He died on 8th February 2013.

Keith Sinclair came to the school in 1945 from Broxbourne C. of E. Primary School. After taking

A Levels in 1952 he went to London University and graduated in Chemistry.  He had a varied career in Industrial Management.  He died on 9th June 2014.

David Mansfield came to Newport from Fawbert and Barnards Primary School, Sawbridgeworth in 1958.  He was a member of the school 1st XI Cricket team.  He left Newport in 1963 having taken O Levels that year.  He eventual become a Company Director of a firm of Wholesale Tobacconists and Confectioners.  His father [Stan] attended the school from 1932 to 1937 and was also a member of the ON Society.  He died on 6th June 2014.


Up-dated history of the school: There are still copies of this available.  The cost is £7.50 to include postage and packaging.  Without postage and packaging the cost of a copy is £5.00.  If you wish to purchase a copy please complete the pro-forma on the last page and return it with your cheque [made payable to the “ON Society”] to the ON Society Secretary at the school.






Proforma for Attending the Annual Dinner

On Saturday 4th October 2014


I will definitely attend the Annual Dinner on Saturday 4th October 2014


Name [Block Capitals]__________________________________________________


Postal Address [Block Capitals]___________________________________________






Email address­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________________________________________


Years you attended the school­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________________________________




Name of wife/partner [if attending]________________________________________


Please return to the ON Secretary at the school [school address is below] as soon as possible but no later than Friday 26th September 2014. Returning this proforma will be taken as a guarantee [emergencies excepted] that you will attend so that correct number can be given to the caterer.  Please inform the ON Secretary of any special dietary requirements.




Proforma for purchasing the second update of the History of the School


Newport Free Grammar School, Essex 1988-2013

Compiled by Malcolm White M.A. ON [1961-68]


Please send me  _______ copies of the second update of the History of the School.


I enclose a cheque for £________made payable to the ON Society.

The cost is £7.50 per copy to include postage and packaging.


Name [Block Capitals]__________________________________________________


Postal Address [Block Capitals] ___________________________________________




__________________________________________Post Code___________________


Email Address_________________________________________________________




Please return to the Secretary of the Old Newportonian Society, Newport Free Grammar School, Newport, Saffron Walden, Essex   CB11 3TR